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1.  the only proven way to get skilled at making games is to make games.
2.  you learn less when you do things the right way.
3.  stop listening to advice.
4.  art isn't about giving people what they want.
5.  bad is more interesting than good
6.  make games like artists make sketches.
7.  games are not products, games are art.

8.  if you don't understand why you're doing it then you shouldn't be doing it.*

8*. unless you're learning.

9.  keep circulating the tapes.

10. unionize games now.
11. help all newcomers.

12. support your local scene.

13. don't blindly chase trends. play to your strengths.

14. live in the niche.

15. never stop experimenting.

16. lowercase text owns.
17. just start.